Microgreens. Small but strong vegetables, intense taste in the handful

We have fallen in love with microgreens (also known as sprouts or micro-vegetable) as well as thousands of people around the world. Tiny leaves taste very similar to common-sized vegetables – peas, broccoli, or radish, for example – but unlike it, a small handful is enough for a much more intense experience. The shoots hide all the power the plant needs to break through the ground on its way to the sun. In addition, microgreens can be grown sparingly and ecologically in cities, and we pamper them locally in Wolverhampton, UK.

No chemicals

With our PURE growing method, we don’t need to add any harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Pure pH balanced water along with natural soil medium and special LED grow lights are all we need in order to produce these outstanding microgreens!

Non-GMO Seeds

 Temperature/pH/ CO2/Humidity

 When growing our microgreens, we observe stable conditions of temperature, humidity, CO2 and pH throughout the year. And it always gives us the same results in high quality


For our regular customers, we allow them to choose in which package they want to receive our microgreens. We use plastic clamp shells or compostable bags. Many people don’t like compostable bags, so We have to use classic salad clamp shells

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