Health and Nature Microgreens 

What is Health and Nature Microgreens?

We are urban farmers who have decided to bring to our community a quality form of a healthy diet that we are interested in. We like quality, healthy food with a high content of nutrients and vitamins.

Over time, we no longer enjoy buying vegetables and fruits that, before they reach us, go through a lengthy process of chemical sprays, herbicides, and pesticides and are tasty to the eye rather than to our taste buds.

In addition, most goods go through countless hands before reaching the final customer, so we said goodbye!

Our ancestors were already able to grow vegetables or fruits in their gardens when every bit was a true masterpiece, and even after the first bite, we couldn’t get enough of that great taste. We immediately recognized that it was a domestic product.

And that’s what we wanted, to grow our own vegetables, to enjoy working well and doing something for our health. That’s why we decided to start with microgreens.

What do we want to achieve?

At The Health and Nature Farm, we have a dream and a mission to set up indoor vertical farms across the UK, where we want to grow not only microgreens but more than 100 different varieties of leafy vegetables and herbs as a child.

Microgreens are probably the most nutritious vegetable available. According to researchers, microgreens charged with nutrient levels are 4-40 times higher than their adult counterparts. Something big in a small package. Also referred to as superfoods.

Microgreens have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, neuroprotective, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial benefits!

We would like to offer the market vegetables that have a taste again. A lot of people probably don’t mind that when they buy a tomato, it tastes like polystyrene, but we want to return tomatoes to the market with the taste of tomatoes.

We also want to support the health of the people around us.

We believe that the English deserve to have locally grown fresh vegetables throughout the year, without being dependent on production that is transported thousands of miles from the United States or Europe. We are committed to providing the best local fresh vegetables to areas where it is difficult to find fresh, high-quality products.

The shoots themselves and the vegetable sprouts have appeared in the human diet since the history of mankind, so why not trust our ancestors and not start eating this amazing food more, just because it can positively affect our health?

How we grow our great micro-vegetables and their distribution

Our micro-vegetables are growing in a closed controlled environment without any chemical or other sprays to grow the best leafy vegetables with high quality and consistency. To achieve the highest quality products, our systems run 7 days and 24 hours a day. We constantly monitor humidity, CO2, temperature, airflow, nutrition, and PH.

Many Microgreens farms use a hydroponic system. Our farm uses filtered water and organic quality substrate to eliminate the risk of e-coli or salmonella, which spreads mainly from contaminated water. We do not use any hydroponic growing media or growing mats in the Health and Nature Farm.

Our farm using only fine soil, this is the best way for our microgreens to achieve clean nutrition, oxygen, and water. Our Microgreens grow healthy, crispy, and full of flavour.

We do not use any fertilizers, because the plants in such an early stage of growth do not yet need so many nutrients, thanks to the quality of the soil.

When harvesting, the final product go straight into boxes, so it does not come into contact with anyone other than us. Of course, we follow all hygienic rules. We use lockable boxes, thanks to which our product will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

We are local, sustainable and fresh. Freshness from the farm to the table at each harvest.

How many leafy vegetables do you buy on the harvest date?

Most of the products you buy at your grocery store will spend at least one week in the shipping and distribution channels after the harvest before they reach the counters, and will therefore lose their freshness.

After the vegetable is harvested, its nutritional value decreases dramatically every day. It is therefore essential that your vegetables are as close as possible to the harvest date and that local products are eaten.

We at the Health and Nature Farm harvest fresh vegetables every week and deliver your orders to your front door within one to two days of harvest so we can enjoy the freshest and liveliest products.

So if you are interested in receiving enormous amounts of vitamins and minerals in small packages Health and Nature Farm is the best for you.

Contact us, we are here just for you! Your health is our number one priority.

Health and Nature Microgreens Farm

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