Lemon Balm

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Health benefits

  • Helps the function of the respiratory system,
  • supports digestion,
  • hormonal balance,
  • cognitive and mental health,
  • positive mood relaxation and sleep,
  • circulatory system activity,
  • thyroid activity,
  • cardiovascular system activity and normal blood pressure,
  • menstrual comfort,
  • heart activity
  • healthy sleep
  • is antibacterial

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Lemon Balm is tiny, shiny green leaves and a great distinctive lemon taste. Great for adding a mint-citrus flavour to desserts and cool refreshing cocktails.

Benefits: The basic effects of lemon balm are antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, regenerative and soothing. Contains essential oils (content about 0.1%) – for example, citral, citronella, citronellol, geraniol, linalol, tannins – content about 4%, acids – for example, hydroxytriterpene, ursolic, rosemary, caffeic or chlorogenic, bitters, mucus, flavonoids, mineral substances and vitamins.

Use: Fresh leaves are suitable for flavouring vegetable salads, herb sauces or butter. Lemon balm dressing can be prepared from ground leaves with mayonnaise, which goes well with meat dishes. The young leaves of this herb can, for example, be chopped into small pieces and then added with a delicious taste to various vegetable salads. In addition, lemon balm can interestingly taste various seafood, including fish, some types of cheese, but also sauces, marinades, stuffings, fruit desserts, creams, etc.

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    looks fine

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